Hay and salt licks provided for wild animals

Bayan Bumbatai agreeable intended for common asset the board of Darvi soum of Khovd aimag twice per year gets ready nourishment for wild creatures. It has as of late stepped up to the plate and spot roughage and squares of salt along edges to secure the untamed life.

As per the Bayan Bumbatai’s administration plan focused on ecological and untamed life assurance, the helpful individuals left 20 sacks of feed and an aggregate of 500 kg salt squares around Shar Bulag slope run and a spot called Maikhan Tsakhir in Darvi soum’s Mungun Ayaga pack.

One of the four common asset the board arranged cooperatives right now working in Darvi soum, Bayan Bumbatai, contains 78 individuals from 24 herder families.

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