Mongolian circus artists conclude 5-year contract to tour Europe

Specialists of ‘NOMADE’ show that sorted out by ‘Blessed messengers’ current carnival returned to their country on February 12, finishing their 2-month execution on the phase of world-renowned French bazaar ‘Cirque Phénix’ and visit shows in nine urban areas of France just as Geneva, Switzerland.

During the gathering after the show, France’s Minister of Culture said that 2020 is denoting the 55th political commemoration among Mongolia and France. This is a lovely occasion that Mongolian craftsmen are performing mind boggling and superb works that contain Mongolian legacy, customs, expressions and culture to the individuals of France right now. I really respected Mongolians’ custom and culture by encountering ‘Traveler’ show which brought tremendous achievement.

“As the shows indicated incredible accomplishment than his desire, Director of ‘Cirque Phénix’ Mr. Alain Pacherie chose to work together with Mongolian bazaar specialists for a long time, consenting to arrange next visit shows in European nations and planning some of them. This is an extraordinary open door for the bazaar craftsmen. We are glad to elevate Mongolia to the world through it,” said B.Orgilbold, executive of ‘Holy messengers’ Circus.

There are numerous activities further including redesigning nature of our exhibitions and restoring garments and gear for the show, he included.

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