8,900 railway staff involved in COVID-19 testing

Of the 15.6 thousand staff of Ulaanbaatar Railways, 8,900 staff have been tried for COVID-19 up until this point, announced the Ministry of Road and Transport Development.

Because of the present status of the COVID-19 pandemic, a usable group is right now working at the railroad organization to upgrade their preparation of activities, limit the spread of the infection through observation, guarantee the contamination control measures are being followed, and relating choices are appropriately actualized.

During the employable group’s gathering, it was educated that Deputy Minister of Road and Transport Development J.Bat-Erdene is presently working in Orkhon aimag as per the choice made by the State Emergency Commission, and that 238 individuals have been briefly moved to confinement offices to do tests for COVID-19. They additionally talked about proceeding to lead railroad transportation utilizing the rail route organization’s own assets while 180 staff individuals are being tried.

As the Head of the employable group, Minister of Road and Transport Development L.Khaltar expressed gratitude toward the colleagues and railroad staff for leading work adequately in a short measure of time, and obliged the relating associations and specialists, which notwithstanding:

– to go to a choice with the Chinese side about cross-outskirt cargo, improvement in the working states of professionals, and elevating contamination controls, (to advance the recommendation during an online gathering between railroad agents of Mongolia and China),

– to give unique consideration to ship of nourishments just as coal and mining item fare, and work in relationship with all sides included,

– to have railroad staff in Zamiin-Uud work distantly, and set up contamination controls.

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