Germany to provide EUR 22 million for Mongolia’s sustainable economic development, biodiversity

Mongolia and Germany will stay resolved to proceed with their advancement participation in elective fields of basic interests, for example, in the advancement of the common society and the private area, despite the fact that the official improvement collaboration between the two nations will eliminate in the forthcoming years.

This was one of the primary consequences of the German-Mongolian intergovernmental exchanges on improvement collaboration which occurred on eighteenth and nineteenth November 2020 through video gathering in Ulaanbaatar and Berlin.

Because of the advancement Mongolia has made in the most recent many years, it was assigned as a lower-center pay nation and has brought about a high position in the Human Development Index. Accordingly, Germany has chosen to pull together its official advancement commitment to different districts in dire need of help.

The Mongolian appointment was going by Mr. Narantsogt, State Secretary of the Mongolian Ministry of Finance. Ms. Hammerschmidt, Director for Asia at the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, driven the German designation.

The two gatherings conceded to the distribution of a last measure of 22 million euros for specialized participation ventures in the field of reasonable financial turn of events, energy proficiency and biodiversity.

These undertakings will guarantee that Germany’s commitment over the past almost 30 years of improvement collaboration in Mongolia will keep on welcoming a positive and economical effect on the conditions in these individual areas in Mongolia.

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