Total confirmed local transmission of COVID-19 in the country reaches 120

In relationship with COVID-19 nearby transmission in Mongolia, severe lockdown measures are being actualized until December 1. During the time span, development of traffic and people on foot are permitted from 7 to 10 am in the first part of the day and 5 to 8 pm at night, with limitations for the remainder of the day. Besides, the activities of all substances aside from those that run 11 sorts of tasks considered fundamental by the Government have been suspended, with elements that run the previously mentioned 11 kinds of tasks being obliged to have close to 15 percent of their labor force present at their work environment during the period. Residents are asked to remain at home and possibly venture out from home if essential, which incorporates gathering goods or in the event that they are needing clinical help.

At a normal gathering of the Cabinet on November 18, a goal with 23 measures to be taken in anticipation of COVID-19 pandemic was affirmed

1.With a plan to help the occupation of the residents, Minister of Labor and Social Welfare A.Ariunzaya and Minister of Finance Ch.Khurelbaatar were told to give a month to month ‘Youngster Allowance’ of MNT 100 thousand to kids matured 0-18 and other social government assistance recompenses and administrations to residents rapidly and without interference. This measure will be as a result until July 1, 2021.

2.To build up a draft law to not force punishment on business elements and associations beside state and nearby claimed and halfway state-possessed legitimate elements that have not paid their representatives’ social protection commitments inside the lawful cutoff time. The measure ought to be substantial between November 1, 2020 and July 1, 2021.

3.The Minister of Finance was told to draft a law on exceptions from punishments for late installment or punishments for non-installment of duties in due time that documented with the neighborhood charge office as per the law until July 1, 2021.

4.Until July 1, 2021, a citizen who rents out a structure or zone to shop focus, plant, administration, tuition based school, kindergarten and childcare administration will be liable to burden decrease, on the off chance that the person in question diminishes the rental rate

5. Pastor of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry Z.Mendsaikhan and Minister of Finance Ch.Khurelbaatar were told to draft laws on exception of customs assessment and VAT on imported rice, vegetable oil, feed, rummage, grub seeds, wheat, raw grain and oilseeds, just as draft law on VAT exclusion on vegetable oil, roughage, scrounge and rice that handled and sold in Mongolia.

6. Appointee Prime Minister Ya.Sodbaatar was told to set up a joint team of organizations working in the food area and take measures to guarantee the ordinary creation, bundling, conveyance, appropriation and offer of food items dependent on the gathering of necessities of disease control gave by the Ministry of Health.

7. The Governor of the Bank of Mongolia and the Chairman of the Financial Regulatory Commission were offered headings to take measures for conceding reimbursement of home loan credit head and premium until July 1, 2020, in regards to the borrower’s solicitation, and to broaden the advance understanding term without expanding the measure of the excess installment.

8. In settling the solicitation to concede reimbursements of advance head and premium to be paid to nonbank budgetary foundations and sparing and credit cooperatives, it was told to concede the reimbursements until July 1 dependent on the dissolvability of the borrowers without putting extra weight, including punishments for late reimbursement or expanded revenue.

9. Clergyman of Mining and Heavy Industry G.Yondon was told to move organizations trading minerals and oil based commodities to extraordinary contamination control system, shield all laborers from the pandemic, and make safe working conditions.

10. The Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Minister of Road and Transport Development and the Minister of Mining and Heavy Industry were told to escalate the execution of the “Green Gateway” brief guideline being actualized in the degree of the Mongolia-China fringe checkpoints and to determine the issue of proceeding with mineral and oil trades without stop through political channels.

11. The Chairman of the State Emergency Commission, the Minister of Finance, the Minister of Road and Transport Development and the Governors of the aimags were told to guarantee fringe checkpoints work at full limit under exacting disease control system, get the drivers moving minerals from Tavan Tolgoi, Nariin Sukhait and Oyu Tolgoi stores through Gashuunsukhait-Shiveelhuren outskirt checkpoint completely tried for the infection and to pronounce this checkpoint as a “Green Zone” to guarantee the typical fare of oil.

12. The Deputy Prime Minister and important authorities were told to take measures to purify a wide range of postal things showing up in Mongolia.

13. The Minister of Health and the Director General of the Customs General Administration were told to advance the law passed by the Parliament in August on the traditions duty and VAT exclusion for imported COVID-19 test packs, clinical gadgets, gear, disinfectants and face covers which will be legitimate until the finish of 2021.

14. The Director of the General Department of Taxation was told to advance that the citizen ought to deduct the misfortune caused in the expense form for 2020 for four back to back duty years as per the technique set out in Article 19 of the Corporate Income Tax Law.

15. The important authorities were told to heighten the advanced progress in the assessment and customs administrations to dodge up close and personal gathering constantly individuals.

16. The Minister of Finance was told to deduct charge overdue debts every once in a while in line with the citizen if the citizen has receivables for merchandise, works and administrations from the state and neighborhood spending plans.

17. The Minister of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry Z.Mendsaikhan was told to coordinate the exercises of the Loan Guarantee Fund renew the organizations as per the law and to take measures to escalate the exercises of the Fund.

18. All broad spending lead representatives have been told to instantly pay for the arrangement of administrations and supplies to budgetary and legislative associations and state a lot possessed endeavors.

19. To beat the monetary challenges and backing the persistent activity of homegrown creation, all broad spending lead representatives are obliged to buy homegrown merchandise as per Articles 10 and 11 of the Law on Procurement of Goods and Services with State and Local Funds.

20. To give equivalent occasions to organizations to partake in tenders, all broad spending lead representatives have been told to expand the cutoff time for a wide range of tenders to be gotten during the successful time of lockdown until December 4, 2020.

21. Regarding the move to increased time of availability, the Minister of Finance was told to take measures to set budgetary needs for uses other than pay rates and benefits and to proceed with the financial plan of spending lead representatives in gravity mode regarding the income assortment.

22. Every individual from the Government was told to examine and build up a proposition on monetary, budgetary and money related measures to guarantee the ordinary activity of creation, administrations and business elements, present it to the State Emergency Commission meeting and settle on a critical choice on the spot.

23. The Deputy Prime Minister, the Minister of Culture and other comparing authorities were told to keep up and advance the contamination control system and suggestions of the Ministry of Health, make TV projects and substance that advances public solidarity and arrange public mindfulness crusades with respect to this goal through the media.

Following the bureau meeting, Minister of Finance Ch.Khurelbaatar conveyed a media introduction on the spending report of unfamiliar credits and help got by the public authority.

A short time later, he educated that Mongolia has just applied to buy COVID-19 immunization with USD 50.6 million financing from the World Bank and has joined the Covax Facility, a worldwide activity that unites governments and producers to guarantee inevitable COVID-19 antibodies come to those in most noteworthy need. “Accordingly, we accept that Mongolia has a higher possibility of accessing Covid antibody when accessible,” said the Minister of Finance.

Today, Mongolia has detailed 37 new instances of COVID-19 in the wake of testing 3625 examples at labs cross country since 5 pm yesterday, November 19.

In this way, the absolute affirmed COVID-19 in the nation has arrived at 555, of which 120 are privately sent.

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