Mongolia congratulates International IDEA on 25th anniversary

A virtual meeting under the subject ‘Vote based system Now and Next’ is occurring between November 12-20, 2020 on the event of the 25th commemoration of the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (International IDEA).

The worldwide meeting is uniting delegates from 33 part nations of the International IDEA for its 12 meetings, zeroing in on fate of decisions in the Asia and the Pacific area, eventual fate of majority rules system improvement in Myanmar, revived popular government help with Central and Eastern Europe, economical popular government, viewpoint of popular government working in Southern Africa, and so forth

Appointee Foreign Minister of Mongolia B.Munkhjin conveyed a celebratory video message honoring the 25th commemoration of the intergovernmental association that underpins manageable majority rule government around the world.

In his message, the Deputy Foreign Minister featured that “Majority rule government is certifiably not a solitary short exertion. It requires consistent consideration and care. It requires cleaning, from elevating vote based instruction to schooling individuals on equitable qualities. The International IDEA is supporting here to additionally advance majority rule establishments and popularity based qualities all through the world.

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